Experience the superb handling of a true European racing kart, while providing the durability of the concession go-kart. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the Bandit is available electric or gas powered. With a seat that lifts up and back, maintenance is a breeze


  • Length: 74 in.
    Width: 51 in.
    Height: 36 in.
    Weight: 425 lbs.
    Front Tires: 10 x 4.50 x 5
    Rear Tires: 11 x 6.00 x 5
    Wheels: Heavy duty brushed aluminum
    Passenger: 1 Driver minimum 16 years old recommended
    Frame: 1″ x 2″ 11 guage rube construction
    Motor: 5.5 hp Honda with 2:1 Gear Reduction Clutch or Electric D&D 48 Volt Motor
    Rail System: Wraparound Spring Steel Bumper System

Optional Equipment

  • Custom Sticker Package
    Full Body
    6.5 hp Honda Motor
    5.5-7.0 hp Robin Motor
    48V Electric D&D Motor